Thursday, January 27, 2011

Seeing Double

My Mom searched Petfinder and found my better half! I started searching, but I it was hard to find another that looks like me, so decided to take a nap. Anyway! Its for a contest by Norwood Unleashed. Go have a look!

Meet Tonka! He's a few years younger than me but he's super cute so thats okay! We have the same splotchy noses (Mom calls mine a cow nose, haha) and same creamy white fur, with a few patches of color here and there. He's a cutie!

And here's me!


  1. Hey Cool, I'm your first follower! Yipppeee! Welcome Bindi. I have heard of lethal whites and your are indeed a lucky girl for a lot of reasons. Nice look-a-like. Mom is searching for one that looks like me but she says she hasn't found the right one yet. Don't worry, she hasn't given up.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and we hope to see lots more of you.
    Your new friend Ryker.

  2. Thanks for following me! My mom should consider herself so lucky to have a gal like me in her house. I'm sure she'd be bored to death. All she does is use the flash box to take loads of pics of me. I may go blind yet, ha ha! It took my Mom forever to find a look-a-like. So I took a nap.

  3. Hi Bindi! Thanks for visiting my blog! You are SO PRETTY! You definitely blend in with the snow hehe! Mom did the look alike contest too, but she took the easy route and did my 'lady' Madison!

    We're looking forward to your blog!




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