Thursday, February 03, 2011

Hi friends!!

Attention to all my new friends!! My blog has moved!! Check it out at
Please update your links and follow me there! Come find me!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Daze

A couple of weeks ago, a bunch of cold stuff fell from the big blue space above onto the ground and turned everything white! If I didn't have my spots, I could have really got lost outside during a potty break! Mom said there was over 6 inches on the ground. Apparently that's alot for this part of the country. The first day it was here, it was kind of fun to play in, until big clumps of  that stuff got stuck in my fur, ha ha! After the first night it was on the ground, it all turned to hard, slick, white stuff. Then it was NOT fun. I slid everywhere and the ice cracked under my feet. Mom laughed at me and said it was okay. I didn't not think it was funny... until I decided I wanted to play and ran back up to the house, pulling mom all the way.. he he.

Here's me in the snow. See if you can find me! I kind of blend in, except for my spots, ha ha!

Tired after being out in the white stuff!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Seeing Double

My Mom searched Petfinder and found my better half! I started searching, but I it was hard to find another that looks like me, so decided to take a nap. Anyway! Its for a contest by Norwood Unleashed. Go have a look!

Meet Tonka! He's a few years younger than me but he's super cute so thats okay! We have the same splotchy noses (Mom calls mine a cow nose, haha) and same creamy white fur, with a few patches of color here and there. He's a cutie!

And here's me!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If a good dog could blog, what would a good dog blog about?

Hi there! My name is Bindi! I'm 4 year old Australian Shepherd. I live with my mom, Megan, and my dad, Brad, and also his parents, too! I've got them all wrapped around my paws so tight its not even funny. Well, I'm not gonna lie... it is funny!

Anyway, My Mom and Dad and his mom and dad rescued me in December of 2010. Mom found my picture on and fell in love instantly. I mean, how could she not -- just look at my face! I was at a rescue that specializes in white aussies (I think my foster mom called them Lethal Whites). Foster Mom said I was special, because my eyesight and hearing are both great! When my new family first came to meet me, I was scared... really scared!! I was whining, barking and hiding from them... but now I feel silly about it. Mom sat down on the couch and offered me a treat if I would come to her. I knew she would be a great Mom, because she offered me a Milkbone. It was love at first bite!

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